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Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd., established in 1997, is a leading supplier of the widest range of Clinical & Lab equipment and scientific solutions for laboratories and hospitals in Iran with 45 expert personnel in 6 departments(Marketing and Sales:19 person, Service:5 person, Finance: 6 person, CRM: 3 person, Commercial: 2 person, Warehouse:3 person, others: 7 person).

Since its inception, Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd., has developed a portfolio of leading products in the fields of:

Genetic & Biotechnology,  Microbiology,  R & D, Stem Cell research, Clinical, Hospital, Laboratory Animals, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals& Cosmetics In its 3 branches in different provinces in Iran. Our products portfolio includes international providers of technology and producers of Sequencing system, Thermo cycler, Real Time PCR system, Electrophoresis and Gel documentation Centrifuge, Freeze Dryer, Water Purifier, Ultra Freezer, Biomedical Refrigerator, Anaerobic Systems, Liquid Handling, Low Volume Spectrophotometry, Monitoring and Quality control of sterilization, Telemetry system, etc. among other market leaders. Our successful partnership with reputable companies over the years has given us a superior competitive edge in the Iranian market.

We have strong business experience in both governmental and private sectors. Additionally, we have been very much involved in the Quality Assurance and Quality Control aspects of the medical industry over the past years.

Armin Shegarf Co. Ltd., has an impressive marketing and advertising campaign portfolio. These activities increase company’s visibility within the market and contribute to brand recognition for the companies we represent. We participate in Iran health Exhibition and Lab & Med Congress in order to showcase our products. For years we have been advertising in reputable Iranian Medical and Laboratorial Magazines such as "Med and Lab Engineering Magazine". We also advertise in Medical and Laboratory Equipment reference books published by universities.We support our customers with user training courses and after-sale services. In addition, we hold more than 170 seminars on the subject of monitoring and validation of sterilization process, Laboratory Animals, etc. for private and public hospitals in different cities around the country.