MotoRater System

Brand Name:
TSE System

The MotoRater System

The TSE MotoRater represents a novel set-up for standardized quantitative and objective kinematic evaluation of animal movement types not restricted to mere foot prints. The unique modular design of the TSE MotoRater allows the investigation of rats and mice during skilled walking on a ladder or beam, overground walking, wading and swimming. Objective, sensitive and specific readouts of locomotor impairments, recovery or improvement can be obtained. Moreover, movements of all relevant body parts, i.e. forelimbs, hindlimbs, trunk and tail can be assessed and correlated, leading to a complete profile of the animal's motor abilities. As a consequence, the TSE MotoRater is an improvement in the standardization of behavioral assessment of rodent locomoter skills by replacing traditional scoring methods. All these measurements can be taken by a single experimenter.

An arrangement of mirrors allows the recording of animals from the left and right side and from below at the same time. A color-based tracking software allows automatic tracking of an unlimited number of markers, such as knee, toe, hip or iliac crest and other skin overlying anatomical landmarks. Therefore, a variety of behaviorally meaningful parameters can be obtained and are accompanied by detailed biomechanical measurements.

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