Anoxomat System AN2CTS

Anoxomat System AN2CTS

Brand Name:
Mart Microbiology B.V.

The Anoxomat AN2CTS is a system for culturing anaerobes and micro aerobes in any laboratory, clinical or industrial. It is a complete and unique system creating rapidly and automatically anaerobic, micro-aerophilic or capnophilic conditions in an anaerobic jar.


The Anoxomat uses precise pressure measurements to control the evacuation and refilling of the anaerobic jar. An embedded computer guides the process.


The evacuated air is replaced by up to three different gases (usually the standard anaerobic gas mixture, plus CO2, and a H2 mixture). The use of gas connections depends on the gas composition the customer requires in the jars. Due to the high sensitivity of the pressure sensor, the incubation conditions can be created with precision.


Every laboratory has a different use for the Anoxomat system, depending on such aspects as the daily number of jars processed and in what timeframe during the day these jars have to be processed. Another important factor is whether the customer uses only the standard anaerobic-gas environment with standard oxygen recipes (0% or 6%) or wants to work with defined oxygen concentrations. In many cases there is the need to create a carbon dioxide enriched environment or other custom recipes. In that case additional gas connections can be necessary. Multiple jar connection can be very useful for processing jars faster, by being able to process multiple jars at the same time.

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