Bedpan washers

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gke Clean-Record® cleaning indicators are used for validation and routine monitoring of bedpan washers or similar applications. Bedpan washers use tap water at elevated temperatures for cleaning.

By positioning the indicator at different locations in the chamber or on the instruments to be cleaned, the cleaning results of different locations may be detected. The most difficult location should be selected for routine monitoring. The self-adhesive indicator can be adhered at the most difficult area to be washed off, e.g. inside a bedpan or urine bottle.

Cleaning indicators for bedpan washers are designed to be completely washed off in water without detergents. However, the water quality, different detergents, disinfectants, flushing added agents and temperature influence the wash-off speed of the real contamination and the indicator. The indicator is self-adhesive and can be adhered directly on bedpans or urine bottles.

This test enables the user to check the cleaning efficacy over a long period of time and provides monitoring information for documentation.

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