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The CryoBA vessels are used to store biological materials

in cold nitrogen vapour or soaked in fluids up to -196°C (-190°C if in vapour).

These vessels have a high-vacuum cavity and multilayer insulation that minimise heat loss. They are mounted on wheels, so they can be easily moved around, and have an inner revolving basket

 (ST-type) so standard vial and bag racks may be easily put in and taken out.

The standard control system is the CryoBiocAre by Ambra

Sistemi, with WiFi and RFID.

All models have battery backup (UPS), gas bypass and are certified for category IIa, according to 93/42/CEE Directive (Medical Device Directive).

The vessels may be installed alone or in groups to make a whole cryo-bank.

In special configurations, the OP open-mouth vessels too may be used in nitrogen vapour.


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