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Lightweight and handy, CryoAL tanks are small aluminium-alloy containers for biological material storage, that can contain up to 2000 paillettes or 600 vials.The relevant canisters are included in the supply.The vessels can be fi tted with a wheeled handling system by means of custom trolleys.


The CrioBiocAre unit, manufactured by Ambra Sistemi and installed on CryoBa, supports the following functions:

  • Wide display 4 lines x 20 characters with led backlight Temperature, level and daily LN2 freezer consumption monitoring with abnormal and excessive consumption alarms
  • Programmable alarm set points for high and low temperature, minimum and maximum levelo
  • Solenoid valves control for LN2 automatic filling, bypass and washing
  • Alarm signaling through blinking visual indicator (red LED) and acoustic signal activation with stop button and recovery time
  • Filling management coordinate by remote
  • Programming by rotary encoder with button integrated
  •  Unauthorized opening freezer alarm management through TAG and Lid-Switch sensor
  • Visual indication of Modbus data communication in progress (COM) and fault conditions (FAIL)
  • Events and alarm storage in non-volatile memory
  • Output contacts for solenoid valves control
  • Output contacts for alarm signaling
  • Wi-Fi interface configurable as point to point (AD HOC), DHCP and static IP, webserver and transparent data protocol

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